1 Ticket = $6.25

Special Packages
4 Tickets = $20 
10 Tickets = $47.50 
20 Tickets = $90
30 Tickets = $120

All Go-Karts take ONE TICKET PER RIDE.
One Ride is 5 minutes on the track (10-15 laps)

Driver / Passenger Requirements

Single Go-Kart - Must be 54" Tall to Drive

Double Seater Go-Kart - Driver must be at least 60" Tall and 16+ years old to drive with a Passenger.  Passenger must be at least 3+ years old to ride.

Slick Go-Kart - Must be 16+ years old to drive.  BE PREPARED TO SHOW ID!  This Go-Kart cannot be driven with the Double Seater or Single Go-Karts.

If you are pregnant, or have back or neck problems, we recommend you DO NOT RIDE. 

We reserve the right to refuse service and/or end service to ANYONE at ANY TIME.